Realan E-i5 mini-ITX HTPC / desktop computer case

The E-i5 is the perfect choice when a small, simple case without an optical drive is all that is needed. Despite its size however, it still has room for 2 x 2.5” drives. The E-i5 also has plenty of ventilation available on the top and sides helping to keep the system quiet and cool.

The 120W fanless power board and standard 60W AC adapter can power today’s integrated systems such as the new Intel Bay-Trail or AMD Kabini motherboards. Upgrade to a 120W AC adapter to use with a mini-ITX desktop motherboard and CPU with a maximum heatsink height of 40mm. There is also a USB3.0 upgrade available for the front panel. The flexible E-i5 can meet all your needs.

With its quality all-aluminum construction, wire-brushed finish and small footprint, the E-i5 will compliment any A/V stand or desktop


Black or Silver


Wirebrushed aluminum (2mm)


7.87” x 9.29” x 2.95” (W x D x H)

(200mm x 236mm x 75mm)


2.76lbs (1.25Kg)

Front panel

2 x USB2.0/audio or add 2 x USB3.0/audio (installs with two screws)

Optical bay



2 x 2.5” maximum

Motherboard compatibility

Mini-ITX (17cm x 17cm) with a maximum CPU HSF height of 40mm.

Power supply (optional)

12V 120W DC / 12V 5A (60W) AC adapter standard or 120W AC adapter optional.

Power supply connector

20+4pin main, 1 x P4, 1 x molex, 1 x SATA, 1 x Berg

Case fans

40mm (not included)

Expansion slots


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